Train to teach with a Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship

There’s never been a better time to get into teaching.

Against an ongoing backdrop of national skills shortages, schools, colleges and academies are crying out for high quality, passionate, competent and confident teachers to inspire the next generation.

Teaching is an incredibly enriching and rewarding career.

It offers the opportunity to make a real difference in young people’s lives by inspiring and nurturing them to reach their full potential.

Everyone remembers a good teacher, so if you’re passionate about improving outcomes for young people or already work in an education support role but fancy making the switch into teaching full-time, then it could be the ideal career choice.

When it comes to training – or retraining – as a teacher, there are several routes into the profession.

The traditional way to become a teacher is to study a relevant subject at university before taking the PGCE, which certifies qualified teacher status (QTS).

However, PGCE is no longer the only way to achieve QTS and start your career as a teacher.

A new qualification, the Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship (PGTA), is a fully-funded and salaried programme designed to give you the skills and work experience needed to qualify as a teacher within 12-15 months.

Here, we take a look at what the PGTA is and why you should consider it as an alternative to the traditional PGCE.

What is a PGTA?

PGTA is a fully-funded teacher training programme that enables university graduates – and existing school staff in non-teaching roles – to achieve their QTS without having to study for a PGCE. 

It provides a work-based route into teaching and the opportunity to ‘earn while you learn’. At the end, you’ll leave with a postgraduate-level qualification, making it a perfect alternative to a traditional full-time university course.

PGTAs are available for early years, primary and secondary education.

When you study for one, you’ll be employed by a school while you learn on the job.

Many schools use PGTAs to build their teaching capacity, with a view to hiring apprentice teachers in permanent roles once they have finished their training, so you may be able to secure full-time employment at the end of it.  

Schools can use their Apprenticeship Levy allocation to fund PGTAs, which means as the apprentice, you’ll have to pay nothing towards your initial teacher training costs.

You’ll also earn a salary, based on the unqualified teacher pay scale, while you learn.

What are the benefits to trainees?

If you’re interested in undertaking a PGTA to become a qualified teacher, the main benefit is that it’s a fee-free route to QTS, where you can earn a salary as you learn.

However, the benefits don’t just end there.

Because it’s a classroom-based training course, you’ll be embedded within the school you train at, as well as receiving ongoing support from a dedicated in-school mentor and practical learning from expert tutors.

This means you’ll get first-hand experience of day-to-day life working in a school setting and face all the situations and challenges that a qualified teacher would.

You’ll also get to learn alongside education professionals to gain a better understanding of best practices and enhance your skills, knowledge and confidence.

Studying for a PGTA also offers:

  • A new and exciting way of training to become a teacher
  • Hands-on, immersive teaching experience in a live classroom environment
  • Being part of the teaching staff and learning from experienced colleagues
  • The opportunity to gain permanent employment with the host school after completing your PGTA

If you’re a graduate (in any subject) currently working as a teaching assistant, unqualified teacher or in a teaching support role, a PGTA can help you develop your career and earning potential. There’s no time limit on when you graduated, it could be 20 years ago, and you’d still be able to do a PGTA.

What does a PGTA cover?

The PGTA programme covers all the essential elements you need to achieve QTS, including learning strategies, theory and the ‘art, science and profession of teaching’ (which is known as pedagogy).

It also ensures the development of the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours required of a teacher, including how to support high levels of pupil engagement and secure rapid progress.

As well as ensuring you achieve QTS status, the PGTA programme will also equip you with the skills and experience you need to: 

  • Design and deliver well-structured lessons
  • Demonstrate good curriculum and subject knowledge
  • Set high standards to challenge, motivate and inspire pupils
  • Accelerate pupils’ progress and improve their outcomes
  • Adapt your teaching style to the strengths and needs of each pupil
  • Manage behaviour effectively
  • Ensure a safe, nurturing and productive learning environment

How Orange Moon Education can help

Orange Moon Education is a consortium of leading education specialists and training providers.

Our mission is to improve outcomes for children by providing high-quality training to childcare and education practitioners to help raise standards across the teaching profession.

We offer a high-quality, fully funded and salaried PGTA, leading to QTS. Our tailored programme aims to produce well-rounded and inspiring teachers. It’s currently available in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, Bristol, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds and Sheffield.

If you’re interested in taking a PGTA as an alternative to a PGCE or are currently working in a non-teaching role and want to make the transition and become a teacher, Orange Moon Education can help you on your way. 

For more information, book a free, no-obligation remote or face to face meeting with us to discuss your requirements.